Time Travel Adventure

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The Siege of Masada Gwyn is sent back 2,000 years in time to the bloody siege. She has to survive, and get back home.

Transylvanian Knight Gwyn must convince Vlad the Impaler to start a war, risking her own life and the future of others to do so.

To Kill An Emperor Gwyn ventures back to Ancient Rome to plot the murder of the corrupt tyrant Emperor Domitian.

Renaissance Woman Gwyn is trapped by the Borgias in Renaissance Italy, entangled in the web of corruption and murder.

“Thrilling and imaginative.”

‘An intriguing fast-paced novel dealing with the concept of war and upheaval both in the present and the past.’
– 5 stars from Readers’ Favourite for The Siege of Masada


The Australian Pen, Volumes 1-3