New Covers are out!

New covers are out! You can order them now through the website or through Amazon – message me if you want them signed, even if you’re overseas!

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Siege of Masada New Cover

The Siege of Masada

Turning Points Book 1

Transylvanian Knight New Cover

Transylvanian Knight

Turning Points Book 2

To Kill An Emperor New Cover

To Kill An Emperor

Turning Points Book 3

Renaissance Woman New Cover

Renaissance Woman

Turning Points Book 4

Heart and Stomach of a Queen New Cover

Heart and Stomach of a Queen

Turning Points Book 5


Siege of the Heart

Turning Points 1.5


A Soldiers Honour

Turning Points 2.5


A Soldier’s Honour

Turning Points 3.5

Dark Office

The Dark Office

Novella and Short Stories

New covers series Stack

Turning Points

5 Book Series

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