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My spicy little side project is available for order! This erotic fantasy novella is definitely for adults only.

Princess Rhea is heir to her kingdom, and will choose duty over love without question. Her lover, Lord Liam Cahill, understands this and supports his future queen. But when her consort-to-be, Prince Gereon, arrives, he proposes an arrangement where everyone can get what they want… with steamy benefits.

This new understanding is tested when Rhea is captured by a rogue dragon. This new understanding is tested when Rhea is captured by a rogue dragon. An intelligent creature tired of the princess hunting down his kind, the dragon forces Rhea to bargain with everything she has.

When Liam and Gereon arrive to rescue her, they discover that Rhea really will do anything for duty…

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Slay - Mariposa


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Slay - Mariposa


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