Supanova was epic!

Bookfest and Supanova were two fantastic weekends in a row, selling books, signing them for readers and meeting all sorts of awesome people.

Booklovers got to meet the authors and embark on new adventures of science fiction, time-travel into history, and fantastical romances.

Authors got to swap ideas and discover new connections. It’ll be my last major event before Christmas with the Lifeline Bookfest Brisbane coming up in January.

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Siege of Masada New Cover

The Siege of Masada

Turning Points Book 1

Transylvanian Knight New Cover

Transylvanian Knight

Turning Points Book 2

To Kill An Emperor New Cover

To Kill An Emperor

Turning Points Book 3

Renaissance Woman New Cover

Renaissance Woman

Turning Points Book 4

Heart and Stomach of a Queen New Cover

Heart and Stomach of a Queen

Turning Points Book 5


Siege of the Heart

Turning Points 1.5


A Soldiers Honour

Turning Points 2.5


A Soldier’s Honour

Turning Points 3.5

Dark Office

The Dark Office

Novella and Short Stories

New covers series Stack

Turning Points

5 Book Series

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