Transylvanian Knight (paperback & ebook)


Transylvanian Knight is the second novel in the Turning Points Series.

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Out of time and out of her depth…

Sent on a mission to start a war, Gwyn comes face to face with the notorious Prince Dracula. Vlad the Impaler rules Wallachia through fear and charm, balancing the political machinations of Christian Europe and the expanding Ottoman Empire. To manipulate Vlad is fraught with danger—one wrong move will lead her to a grisly death.

Gwyn knows that to interfere with history is perilous, but when she falls in love will all her plans come to naught?

And the stakes are getter higher. Michelle is sent to undercover a xenophobic plot on Earth. But the Shift is coming, and if she doesn’t act swiftly, time travel will become impossible and history may never be repaired.

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2 reviews for Transylvanian Knight (paperback & ebook)

  1. Delia Strange

    I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book and was thrilled. Upon reading the first book ‘Siege of Masada’, I’d suspected that Gwyn’s adventures would lend towards her character growth – more skills, more worldly – and I wasn’t disappointed. There are more emotions and inner conflict in this book than in the first instalment, which makes sense when there’s more for the main character to think about and look back on… and regret.

    The story moves quickly and adapts an atmosphere between ‘dark’ and ‘hopeful’. There was a lot of ebb and flow in this book, two steps forward and one step back because there are a lot of obstacles. I prefer books written in a way that the main character doesn’t always know what they’re doing and can just as easily make a bad decision as a good one. There are a few reveals and twists… some I predicted, some that I didn’t, and each reveal made sense to the setup so there wasn’t a deus ex machina in sight! (A pet hate of mine).

    I found this book highly entertaining – a youthful read without being patronising or doling out a history lesson, and regardless of the ‘dark’ outlook, it’s quite a light read and easy to absorb. Really liked it and keeping an eye out for the next one (of which I know there is more because of how this book ended – even though there’s a story from start to finish, there’s a strong implication at the end for more adventures.

    By Delia Strange on 16 November 2016

  2. M.G. Ryan

    Transylvanian Knight is the second book in ‘The Turning Point Series’. Having enjoyed the first book, I was keen to read this story, especially with its setting in the time of Prince Vlad Dracula, in which I have an interest. The story did not disappoint. This time we see young Gwyn sent back to 1459, where she encounters ‘Vlad the Impaler’, while time travelling Agent Michelle, is stuck in her own time.

    The story line is well passed and has allowed the author to use historical facts, as well as poetic licence. I did detect what I believed to be politic undertones within the book, which for me was a little off putting, only because I read for escapism from both my every day life and current affairs. In saying that though, the political tones are true to the characters and are well written and subtle within the plot.

    Overall this is an enjoyable read and I highly recommend this book. I look forward to the next instalment from author Jodie Lane.

    M.G. Ryan – Oct 14 2017

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