To Kill An Emperor (paperback and ebook)


To Kill An Emperor is the third novel in the Turning Points Series.

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Doctor Who meets Outlander in this fast-paced time-travel adventure!

Once again, Gwyn must save history. To do so, she must kill a man. Not just any man – Emperor Domitian is a feared tyrant, paranoid of plots and assassins. Can Gwyn find the plotters and help them succeed, or will she be betrayed herself? Also is getting a date in Ancient Rome weird, or kinda cool in a history nerd way?

Michelle journeys back in time to rescue a kidnapped friend. Her travels take her to World War II Britain and nineteenth century Argentina, where the west is still wild and bandits roam the plain.

It’s all getting very real and the future of the world depends on these two women, and who they help live… or die.


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