The Dark Office (paperback)


The Dark Office is a novella with a collection of short stories in the one volume.

Quirky sci fi and strange encounters of the amusing kind.
Turning Points Short Stories
Other short stories by Jodie Lane

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A lizard overlord who's had enough and quits her job to run a drive-through sushi joint.
A developer consumed by his own API, faking his death in order to claim insurance money.
And a feminist vampire who invests in start ups then takes a decade-long nap.

These are just some of the quirky characters you'll meet in The Dark Office, a strange yet familiar place in our not-to-distant-future, inspired by people in real life.
Also included in this volume are tales from the Turning Points Series as well as other short stories by the same author. Variety, humour and observation all bundled up in stories that will make you laugh, cry and think.


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