Transylvanian Knight e-book (Turning Points Book 2)


Out of time and out of her depth.

Sent on a mission to start a war, Gwyn comes face to face with the notorious Prince Dracula. Vlad the Impaler rules Wallachia through fear and charm, balancing the political machinations of Christian Europe and the expanding Ottoman Empire. To manipulate Vlad is fraught with danger—one wrong move will lead to her grisly death.

Gwyn knows that to interfere with history is perilous, but starts taking risks when she falls in love. Will all her plans come to naught?

The stakes are getter higher when Michelle is sent to undercover a xenophobic plot on Earth. The Shift is coming, and if she doesn’t act swiftly, time travel will become impossible and history may never be repaired.

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Transylvanian Knight is the second novel in the Turning Points Series. You can select at PDF, MOBI or EPUB file. If you have difficulty accessing this file please contact Author Jodie Lane via the website or at

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