The Evil Inside Us


We all have our secrets. What’s yours?

Everybody has something to hide; whether it’s out of embarrassment or fear, denial or resentment. We are human because we are flawed… but what happens when our flaws take over?

The Evil Inside Us is the third volume of The Australian Pen, written by authors born or are living in Australia. The anthology contains twenty-three stories about the human condition—with topics ranging from mental health to jealousy to betrayal to murder and everything in between. Every reader will find at least one story that will greatly resonate with them. Which one will it be for you?

  • The woman who compares herself to others and finds herself lacking?
  • The story of the parent who loses their child?
  • The teenager who doesn’t know how to help her friend?
  • The man who feels used by the women he dates?

Order today to find out what everybody doesn’t want you to know.

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The Australian Pen, volume 3


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